Creativo! Academy

Creativo! Academy - All About Our School

In the Beginning…

My story is personal. We needed an amazing preschool, quality before and after school care and summer camps for my young children.

We're passionate about teaching and the school had to be beautiful, homelike, and family friendly as well as academic to meet the demands of children to succeed in school.

We kept thinking...

Academics are important. Children need to be cognitively prepared, build social skills, get along in a group, and follow directions.

Children also need qualified teachers to nurture and respect them as individuals so they build confidence to ask questions, think, and problem solve. Learn to trust that their ideas and opinions are valuable.

Then we thought…

What about the fine arts? What about exploration and imagination? What if they had the freedom to explore nature and the world around them and follow their individual interests?

What about being a child?

We stopped thinking.

We built an academic learning space and a certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom and filled it with passionate, certified educators who know how to nurture an inspire children for exactly who and where they are-right now.

Our Mission:

 Prepare children and families to succeed in school and life while preserving the beauty of childhood.