Creativo! Academy

Creativo! Academy - North Branch Community Garden

Creativo! Academy is the proud sponsor of North Branch Community Garden which is recognized by the City of Chicago as a  GreenCorps space to support Chicago's Climate Action Plan and the first outdoor classroom in Chicago certified by the Arbor Day and Dimensions Educational Research Foundations. We made the top 100 list of gardens certified in the nation!

Launched in 2006

Creativo! Academy launched the garden in 2006 and held yearly fundraisers to transform the space. Creativo! Academy parents and the Forest Glen Community built the garden together. Essence MedSpa partnered with Creativo! in 2011 which added a shaded grassy area for all to enjoy.

A Community Garden

We are excited to share that North Branch Arts is truly a community garden. Scouts earn badges while learning to plant flowers, Community groups hold fundraisers and Creativo! children care for the garden and learn about the food cycle. Whole Foods sponsored a honey bee awareness garden and the Museum of Science and Industry installed a rain barrel kit.

Good stuff for our Earth and our future.